Wedding details 2021

Personalized wedding favors

Natural soaps for gifts and events

If you are looking for wedding gifts for your guests and you don't know what to give at a wedding, here we show you a selection of wedding details, handmade and natural soaps of different types to give to your wedding guests .

We present our featured products of original wedding details. Natural soap and handmade is a nice, useful and different gift. Every event is special.

Today we propose different ideas of natural aromatic soaps to give to wedding guests. They are natural details made by hand and personalized for each celebration according to the style and theme of the wedding.

We make, from small soaps for your guests, to large series for weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, business gifts and other events.

All our Soaps are made with 100% Extra Virgin olive oil, one of the best oils for its preparation and that has more beneficial properties for the skin.

They do not contain any type of detergency, chemicals, parabens, sulfates, therefore, they are indicated for the most sensitive skins.

They are handmade soaps, not machined.

Ja Bonita Fábrica is synonymous with giving health to the skin thanks to its natural ingredients.

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