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Essential oils can act at different levels in our body and soul. Due to its great affinity for penetrating our skin, the absorption of essential oils is direct, quickly going to the area to be treated. Its use can be from treating a cold to helping us relax from our daily chaos when we get home.


Essential oils also have very powerful anti-infective functions, perfect for treating internal infections.

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Where can you buy essential oils?

Current consumer demand has led many new and sometimes questionable suppliers to establish businesses that offer cheap, substandard, or adulterated essential oils.
When purchasing essential oils it is imperative that they are 100% pure , unadulterated and of therapeutic quality .

If you're wondering where to find pure essential oils, you've come to the right place.

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Used to promote wellness and comfort, essential oils are extracted from a variety of plants, flowers, and fruits. Discover a wide range of traditional oils in our Ja Bonita Fábrica store , from those used to stimulate the mood to those used for relaxation.

Before using an essential oil that care must be taken.

There are different ways to use essential oils . But you need to know what oils we use and in what dosage. Use essential oils with caution in the elderly, children, and pregnant women.
It is important to remember that many essential oils cannot be applied in their pure form to the skin . Essential oils are not soluble in water, so we can only add them with base oil or milk. But there are also other essential oils that we can apply clean to the skin, such as lavender or tea tree essential oil. For example, when we want to take a bath for a relaxing effect, we need to add essential oils of juniper or mint, to tone it is better to use orange, grapefruit, bergamot or lemon.
The optimum concentration of aromatic oil in the bath is 1 drop per 10 liters of water . For children and the elderly, this dose is reduced. The temperature of the water also matters. For a relaxing bath, + 37 + 38 degrees is suitable. After physical exertion, the water temperature can reach +40 degrees, for tonic baths, the water can be at room temperature up to 30 degrees.
Essential oils relax the muscles of the body, relieve tension and calm the nervous system. This is one of the options for skin care. It all depends on the selected component. Natural essential oils or pure essential oils contain a high concentration of all substances. Therefore, they can cause allergic skin reactions. And to avoid this, we can test the sensitivity of the oil and apply a few drops on the back of the hand or on the elbow, if there is no reaction, itching or redness, then the essential oil is suitable and can be used.
Essential oils are also used for the treatment and prevention of viruses and colds. Many essential oils for inhalation are considered a panacea not only to treat the upper respiratory tract, but are also used as voice hygiene in people whose profession is associated with a large load on the vocal cords (singers, announcers, presenters, teachers ). The most popular and frequently used inhalers at home, these are steam. With its help, inhalations are made that can relieve inflammation, remove cough and phlegm, and also have an antibacterial effect. The essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, cedar and orange are used very effectively for inhalation.

Atlas cedar is an antiviral, expectorant, antibacterial, and sedative. To relieve cold and flu symptoms, inhale warm for seven minutes with 5-6 drops of oil . Contraindicated in pregnancy, kidney infections, increased nervous excitability, as well as in children under 12 years of age.

Eucalyptus is an antiseptic, expectorant, and emollient . For the relief of the symptoms of rhinitis, tracheitis, chronic bronchitis, a five-minute inhalation with a few drops of oil is useful.

The tea tree serves as a good immunostimulant, it has antibacterial and antiviral properties . Daily warm inhalations with 2-3 drops of tea tree oil are recommended as prevention of acute respiratory infections in cold weather.

Orange relieves puffiness, removes stagnant fluid. For 200 ml of water, 2-3 drops of oil . The duration of inhalation is 5-7 minutes. It induces appetite , so it should be taken with caution by dieters, as well as those who are prone to citrus allergies.

Essential oils can also be used to spice up a room. Aromatic lamps are used for this. Its working principle is simple, it is necessary to add a few drops of essential oil to the water and light a candle in an aroma lamp. When the water evaporates, the essential oils take over. In addition to a pleasant aroma, we can also get an additional function: disinfection of the room, cleaning of viruses and various types of fungi. But we must not forget that it is absolutely impossible to breathe saturated with essential oils in the air throughout the day. A procedure for aromatizing the air should not last more than 2 hours, and if this is the first procedure, then the time should be reduced to 20 minutes.
But there is also an individual sensitivity to essential oils. Therefore, each fragrance and essential oil must be tested independently. A prerequisite for the use of essential oils is an individual olfactory evaluation: the smell should be pleasant, not irritate the mucous membranes of the nose and respiratory tract.

It is also not recommended to use aromatherapy independently as a treatment method for serious health problems. For example, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases should consult their doctor about the use of essential oils.
People who have had a heart attack cannot use pine and fir essential oils.
With severe hypertension (increased blood pressure) it is not recommended to independently use essential oils of basil, juniper, peppermint.
With low blood pressure , ylang-ylang, lemon, lemon balm, and tea tree essential oils are not recommended .
Severe kidney disease: nephrosis, nephrosonephritis, complicated pyelonephritis, are contraindications to the use of essential oils of juniper, thyme and pine.
It is strictly forbidden to use essential oils for children without the recommendation of doctors. Children under 6 years of age should not use peppermint essential oil, and until puberty, children should not independently use essential oils from plants such as anise, geranium, oregano, jasmine, cypress ylang-ylang, cinnamon, lemon balm, juniper , mint, neroli, rose, sandalwood, thyme, medicinal sage, as well as frankincense and myrrh resin.
All these warnings are related to the eucalyptus high content of ketones or phenols in these essential oils. Uncontrolled use of these essential oils in the wrong dosage can cause adverse reactions that negatively affect the functions of the nervous system or liver.

Before using essential oils, it is best to consult a doctor and obtain recommendations for use.

Do you know how essential oils are classified according to their properties?

Essential oils properties

Essential oils form a group based on the properties they possess. These properties depend on the type of plants, growing conditions, as well as the method of their production. At the same time, the quality, composition and taste of the oil will ultimately be different. Most essential oils have similar properties, but each also has its own unique qualities.

Most essential oils have antibacterial properties. With this property, essential oils are capable of affecting different types of bacteria and fungi. These include thyme, clove, oregano, anise, basil, bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, juniper, lemongrass oils. Some of these oils are considered natural antibiotics.

Many types of essential oils also have anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this property, essential oils can provide the fastest regeneration of the skin in case of damage. This group includes the essential oils of chamomile, yarrow, bergamot, ylang-ylang, lavender, juniper, and tea tree .

The antiseptic properties are characteristic of many types of essential oils. They are oils of marjoram, tea tree, nioli, anise, orange, bergamot, clove, lavender, juniper, peppermint, petitgrain, patchouli, eucalyptus, etc.

With analgesic properties, it helps to eliminate various problems associated with headaches, insomnia or nervous exhaustion. Such properties are possessed by the oils of peppermint, lavender, blue fir, immortelle, jasmine.

Expectorant property, helps to facilitate the secretion of phlegm, exerting a reflex effect on the mucous membrane of the bronchi. These include oils of eucalyptus , anise, turpentine.

Antioxidant property, helps slow the signs of aging, improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, stimulates cellular respiration. These include dahlia, millennial, and juniper oils.

There are also essential oils that slow down the aging process, such as sandalwood, jasmine, rose, myrrh, patchouli, neroli essential oils.

There are oils that contribute to weight loss , for example the essential oils of grapefruit, lemon, cinnamon, bergamot and others.

Other essential oils, for example, lemon balm, frankincense, rose, peppermint, cypress, bergamot , sage, sandalwood, and juniper oil, help fight drowsiness . They have warm and soothing properties.

But there is another group of essential oils that help people fight gnats and mosquitoes. These oils have a specific odor that insects do not like. The best types for pest control are lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint, vanilla, cloves, and geraniums.

Essential oils also form a group according to skin type.
For normal skin, the essential oils of rose, chamomile, neroli, geranium, lavender , jasmine, lemon are suitable in combination with base oils. Base oils can be: jojoba, almond, macadamia, apricot or grape seed oil.

For dry skin, use essential oils of lavender , geranium, orange, frankincense, jasmine, sandalwood, blue tansy, marjoram, rosewood. Base oils for dry skin: macadamia, almond, jojoba, apricot seeds, rose hip.

For oily skin, essential oils of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, ylang-ylang , ginger, patchouli, cypress, cedar, juniper are used. Base oils for oily skin: apricot or grape seeds: in combination with the above essential oils, they normalize the sebaceous glands.

For problem skin, essential oils of jasmine, lavender , juniper, bergamot, tea tree, ylang-ylang, lemon , geranium, lemongrass, and clove are used. Base oils for problem skin: jojoba, wheat germ, sweet almond.

For sensitive skin, the essential oils of chamomile, tea tree, tangerine, neroli, blue tansy, ylang-ylang are suitable . Base oils for sensitive skin: apricot seeds, calendula, rice bran, babassu .

For mature skin, essential oils of lavender, immortelle, rosemary, lemon, patchouli, oregano, rose, sage, carrot are used. Base oils for mature skin: argan , jojoba, evening primrose, cocoa, grant seeds.

For hair care , essential oils are suitable depending on the type of hair and the problem to be solved.
The essential oils of rose, rosemary, grapefruit, lavender , sage, juniper are suitable for daily hair care. For dry hair, it is better to use essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, orange, tangerine, chamomile, ylang-ylang, rose, myrrh, frankincense. For oily hair , choose essential oils of lemon, tea tree, peppermint, cedar, eucalyptus, ginger, or rosemary. Essential oils will also be useful for hair, which will not only stop the process of hair loss, but also stimulate the growth of new ones. These include rosemary, calamus, ylang-ylang, tea tree, rosewood, peppermint , coriander oils. Geranium, tea tree, rosemary, lavender , grapefruit and basil essential oils are suitable for fighting dandruff.

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